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What Is QuickBooks Online?

QuickBooks is an accounting software program used to manage sales and expenses and keep track of day to day business transactions, like invoicing customers and paying bills. QuickBooks Online is the world’s number one cloud accounting solution for small businesses, with over 2 million users worldwide.

How does QuickBooks Online work?

QuickBooks Online is a cloud based Accountancy software. Cloud computing refers to transactions performed over the Internet and the practice does not require you to install software on your computer or own a server. A cloud computing company that sells accounting services provides remote servers and the applications. For a fee, they grant you online access to them for managing and maintaining your financial records.

This program allows you to link your bank account and this will import your transactions directly onto your QuickBooks account and with the mobile app you can keep track in real time.

There are many free Apps available, one of the most popular one is to record expenses. This App simply lets you take a photo of your expenses receipt, upload it onto the App and with a couple of simple tick boxes this will be transferred onto your QuickBooks accounts.

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